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  • 1. 86E5ob I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really thank you! Want more.

  • 2. Funny how miserable Pattinson looks when he's posing with Stewart. Totally different look when posing with Lautner and even by himself. That dress is too pale for her; it washes her out.

  • 3. She looks like a tramp in that dress!! Sad part, she loves it and thinks she looks good. Guess she's never heard of class. Rob, better not seal the deal with Kristen because he will be meeting so many future leading ladies who will show him that sexy can be done without showing all the goods in the candystore. Given the publicity of her affair why would she ever wear a dress that shows everything but the curlies. Yuck!!

  • 4. I love the Twilight movies!! Can't wait to see the final movie, too bad Kristen Stewart is still in it, she is the WORST actress I have ever seen. Without her, the movies would have been even better. P.S. She needs to cover up her skeleton body, it ain't cute!!

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