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  • 1. She is so pretty but she needs a new stylist. Also, needs a good boob job.

  • 2. The outfit is a little over the top to be considered beautiful, best she can hope for is "fashion forward " award and the ambiguous gay duo look sharply dressed as always.

  • 3. i cant wait for kristen to fill out like her mom , cuz big is beautiful.you can see where its gonna come out already! she better shake and shag that booty while she can.

  • 4. I think KS's makeup and hair is beautiful. I neither love nor hate her outfit. It may look great in person, but not do much for her in photographs. Who knows? She doesn't look bad. There's just no wow factor when you focus on the outfit.

  • 5. OMG that is the most hideous oufit I have ever seen! She's nasty and needs to disappear

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