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  • 5. Omg...can't help staring. I think he's happy to see me :)

  • 6. umm hello, david boudia is on the men's DIVING team not SWIMMING!!

  • 7. Michael Phelps?????? LOL...damn, that's funny.

  • 8. I'd score that bulge in his pants a perfect 10.0!

  • 9. WOW YUM LUNCH!!! Never been prouder to be a American. Though Kobe needs to be taken out.

  • 10. This would be great if the stupid pop up ad didn't sit in the middle of the slide show. you know, the impossible ad that has no choice to close out the window. Too many ads, too much spam. Not a good website and i will not be sharing this and i don't recommend anyone else too.

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