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  • 3. Oh, Miley we all know you're trying to shed your "teeny-bopper" image and appear more "adult" and "edgy". But you're doing it wrong. Seriously wrong. Even tweens think you look ridiculous.

  • 4. its funny.. so many haters in the comments n many talking about how they don't wanna see her but everyone of em here to gawk at her n mk th effort to comment. move on ppl. u hate her so much then stop looking.

  • 5. What is the over/under on how long it takes for a Miley sex tape to leak? Trust me, that is the next thing coming.

  • 6. OMG!!! I gotta see the world's largest hotdog!!!!! #bigmoufffff

  • 7. Well, whoever stuck around to take pictures and make any sort of report on this b1tch should get some sort of medal.

  • 8. This is what you do when you have no actually talent.

  • 9. I didn't think I could dislike her any more, but I sure to now!

  • 10. and now i have zero interest in seeing her show. doesn't look like much thought went into it at all.

  • 11. wow, there´s almost 0 ass in this male version of bieber

  • 12. Disgusting, vulgar, shall I go on......

  • 13. Newsflash Miley !! Madonna did all this already !!

  • 14. I am sorry, but this girl is just a nasty hoe...Thank god my kids cant stand her so I don't have to worry about them watching her.

  • 15. some of these outfits are so similar to xtinas dirty, at least christina looked sexy wearing them. miley just looks desperate and who is the real miley? she is so unoriginal, its a shame because when i hear her songs on the radio without having to look at her i can enjoy them.

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