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  • 4. Oh, Miley we all know you're trying to shed your "teeny-bopper" image and appear more "adult" and "edgy". But you're doing it wrong. Seriously wrong. Even tweens think you look ridiculous.

  • 5. its funny.. so many haters in the comments n many talking about how they don't wanna see her but everyone of em here to gawk at her n mk th effort to comment. move on ppl. u hate her so much then stop looking.

  • 6. What is the over/under on how long it takes for a Miley sex tape to leak? Trust me, that is the next thing coming.

  • 7. OMG!!! I gotta see the world's largest hotdog!!!!! #bigmoufffff

  • 8. Well, whoever stuck around to take pictures and make any sort of report on this b1tch should get some sort of medal.

  • 9. This is what you do when you have no actually talent.

  • 10. I didn't think I could dislike her any more, but I sure to now!

  • 11. and now i have zero interest in seeing her show. doesn't look like much thought went into it at all.

  • 12. wow, there´s almost 0 ass in this male version of bieber

  • 13. Disgusting, vulgar, shall I go on......

  • 14. Newsflash Miley !! Madonna did all this already !!

  • 15. I am sorry, but this girl is just a nasty hoe...Thank god my kids cant stand her so I don't have to worry about them watching her.

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