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  • 3. You 3 LOOK INCREDIBLE! Love this pic and the way you express boldness in the area of fashion and business! Great example for us to follow.

  • 4. stop hatin!!!! these bytchz r HOTT!!!! who cares if its photoshoped. even if it wasnt they would still look better then all u haters who have no lives so u sit on the computer all day hatin on ppl who are doing waaaaaaay better then all ur sorry asses. if u dnt like it why do u even bother commenting!!! no life i guess... i mean seriously do u really think we care if u dnt like it???? well we dont so get a life!!! like i said b4 theze bytchz r HOTT!!!!

  • 5. jesus, what did they do to Kims face. Looks like they just photo shopped her face onto someone else.

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