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  • 1. Excellent. You haven't made any mistakes,but do try to make your handwriting neater. Nike Mercurial Vapor X FG http://www.ashtonkeynes.com/html/nike-speed-shoes.html

  • 2. Sometimes...you've got to try on allot of shoes before ya find a pair that you can live with... That's the way it goes...Crank the throttle and head er into the wind Bud!!!

  • 3. One more thing. Thinking back to the love that he professed for Sandra after he "F'd" up, it seems like a slap in the face (to her) that he would make such comments about life and love for Kat. Jesse you're STUPID!

  • 4. One question for Kat....? How does it feel knowing that you are all that Jesse thinks he deserves? I was a huge Sandra & Jesse fan until it came out that he cheated on her. Sandra was above him and it seems more obvious since he's now chosen a tattooed Kat. Sounds like a perfect match. Btw... Sandra deserves someone outstanding and JESSE wasn't it!

  • 5. Who are we to judge really. If they are happy then so be it, but she should remember what he did to his last wife and know he will do it to her too.

  • 6. I can see them together, I don't blame him, I think this is the kind of women he always wanted anyway. I will give them 3years, then he will find another younger chick with no tattoos. She looks cool now, but when she turns 60 those tattoos will look like hell...lol

  • 7. Love ya Jess... hope you are both happy.. make it work.. people make mistakes.. we live and learn.. fame is cruel... but you can deal with it.. Im still your fan!! ;-) love ya.. ur biggest and greatess fan from New Zealand.. lynette xx

  • 8. Wonder how many dots she has on her body?? join the dots.. I was a big fan of Jesse's loved the bikes etc.. but didn't really know he thought with his pants.. what a shame.. you had one of the most beautifull women any man could only dream off.. now your with a colouring book... but your get bored again,, and start sniffing around. .. and Kat will try not to look stupid, and everything will be played down.. and you will have your excuses.. but we all know... Good luck, you will both need it!

  • 9. Gross pieces of crap. They are perfect for each other. Sandra deserves sooooo much better than this trash.

  • 10. She looks like she may be expecting?

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