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  • 6. Where were David Cook, Adam Lambert and Michael Bubble?

  • 7. Lee is okay but Crystal is simply more professional, more of a stage presence, and more put together. Her hair and clothing need a lot of work. She tries for a look and misses the mark and just looks grimy, not artsy. Nonetheless, while she isn't my favored type of singer, she simply has what it takes. The degree of difference was particularly apparent when Lee allowed his win to make him so emotionally over the top that he couldn't sing almost any of the tune on key. He could otherwise, but he doesn't have his act together enough to do better in that case. . . and I have no doubt Crystal would have been cool as a cucumber and even if not, she would have managed to sing on key. Lee is okay. But he's never going to be more than okay IMO. And yes, the last photo is Kris Allen. So where was David Cook last night? I really noticed his absence.


  • 9. I am now joining the X-Idol fan club. I will not be tuning in next season. Clearly, Crystal was the more talented singer and better singer. I was pulling for Casey who I thought was better than Lee, nothing against Lee but he is not the best singer. I now think this is a rigged show and not worth watching.

  • 10. Don't worry, it is often the 2nd place finisher that has more success. Crystal probably already has an agent and a contract with a label, lol. Regarding the finale....I don't care a whit about David Cook, but pa-lease, why was Paula allowed to stand up there and bore us to death? It was bad enough when she was actually on the show........

  • 11. Let me explain to you all why Crystal did not win. She was the better singer by far. However she made bad choices in her life and they came back to haunt her. She chose to get a big bad ugly tatoo on her back and could have spent the money getting her teeth fixed. Those two gaps in her mouth cost her the finals.Period and end of story. This is America and we like attractive people. It may be shallow but it is true. Lesson for all you freaks out there.

  • 12. Good pics, especially Ms. Jackson, but picture 30 of 30 is Kris Allen, not Lee DeWyze.


  • 14. ROFLMAO!!!!! Casey JONES??? You people wonder why we have problems believing what we read and SEE? Hell, you can't even look at a picture and correctly identify the subjects of the photo! LOL!!!!!!!! Sorry CASEY JAMES.....apparently they did NOT watch American Idol as you worked your way up.

  • 15. That is not Lee it is Kris Allen...lol

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