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  • 5. There just as scary now as they were back then!

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  • 7. Courtney Gaines looks like CarrotTop when CarrotTop did Dennis the menace strikes again

  • 8. To the first comment, the movie (and book) are spelled that way. It's because local children buried their pets in the cemetery and made the sign. Being little kids, they spelled it wrong. So the entry is correct.

  • 9. #1 " Since when is cemetery spelled like that." Since it was a sign written by a child in the Novel and Film of the same name.

  • 10. Since when is cemetery spelled like that. These people are considered journalists FYI. Ridiculous!

  • 11. I met Miko Hughes in 1998 when we were both 12. I didn't realize who he was until after but he was SUPER nice and extremely down to earth. I'll always remember him as the brat from full house and kindergarten cop.

  • 12. No Fair! No Fair, No Fair!

  • 13. No Fair! No Fair, No Fair!

  • 14. The Exorcist wasn't made in 1993 lol.

  • 15. Also, Exorcist wasn't released in 1993. :)

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