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  • 5. I think Michelle Williams were beautiful in both of her mentioned appearance. The others were really terrible.

  • 6. what fresh hell is this? we wonder why so many people have low self-esteem and here is one of the many ugly sites that is the root of that problem. who the hell are you to rate people as "worst dressed"? I've seen "the ugliest woman/dog/cat/man in the world" "the fattest man/woman," "ugliest child," and "worst haircut," just to name a few. STOP judging people on their looks! TooFab is the most judgmental, gossipy, name-calling, insulting, narcissistic website I've ever been on and hope to never see again. Petty and mean. who runs this site? high school girls? or maybe those who were bullied in high school for not being cool or pretty enough? GEEZ! Get over your perfect selves and get a life!

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  • 8. At first, I thought it was Madonna, not Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • 9. The funny thing of that "Worst Dressed list" is that the "get the look" feature is available!

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  • 11. You seriously think Natalie Portman belongs in here!? What the hell!

  • 12. I loved Heidi Klum's dress! And I thought Natalie Portman looked fabulous pregnant! Mind you I agree with all the Lara Flynn Boyle choices....

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