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  • 5. Can we please take this troll and her pedophile husband out of the news?

  • 6. This dufturd wearing the rag on his head thinks this photo shoot is about him. LMAO

  • 7. The funny thing is, the way the light blue stripe on the bikini bottoms comes down over her crotch makes it look like she's got a 'package'.

  • 8. So, now that she has to extra TATA's what is she going to do about those scrawny toothpick bird legs?

  • 9. If she is wearing a bikini in support of gay rights, it would make sense that she had gay male escorts.

  • 10. People to man phones? Really? Surely there is a more important cause that requires phone manning!

  • 11. Just Trashy!

  • 12. The guys looked bored to tears. She is prancing around like a Peacock. (Yes, I know peacocks are males. She didn't look like she was supporting any cause but her own. If you are really in support of gay rights, they need money, medicine, people to man phones, all types of HELPFUL things.

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