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  • 6. What a shame C.A turned out to be like every other unfathomablly rich & famous celebrity that thunks they can do no wrong. This guy actually seemed to adore her and everything she did. If she did cheat she truly effed up and is responsible for her future screwed up kids. So much for that church chior upbringing.

  • 7. I would like to bang her.

  • 8. wow ,this is a great article !

  • 9. gosh, i miss them. they just seemed so good for each other! Christina has always gushed about him and they seemed so in love. however, sometimes people aren't as happy as they seem. i wish them and Max the best - together or apart.

  • 10. I find this really upsetting, he grounded her and they seemed really good together. She is the one that made me believe that a crazy party girl could be sane and lead a normal life. I feel this is a shame for both of them... All three of them!!!

  • 11. If you watch her True E Hollywood Story Christina states that he makes her the happiest girl in the world because he's so good to her and how he swept her off her feet. I honestly have a feeling she cheated on him. I've noticed her new album is about superficial thoughts and actions. I think she started to change.

  • 12. Of course, I publish a comment, you say you'll send an email and that it's been published, but no go! Let's try again and see if you get off your high horse..... HER HUSBAND IS THE LOSER IN THIS DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13. I hope Max gets HER chin!

  • 14. Look at that LOVELY Cellulite! I was going to have some cottage cheese for lunch, but I'll pass now.

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